Using Policy management in SQL Server 2008 to manage table name

31 May



Policy-Based Management facet

A set of logical properties that model the behavior or characteristics for certain types of managed targets. The number and characteristics of the properties are built into the facet and can be added or removed by only the maker of the facet. A target type can implement one or more management facets, and a management facet can be implemented by one or more target types. Some properties of a facet can only apply to a specific version. For example, the Database Mail property of the Surface Area Configuration facet only applies to SQL Server 2005 and later versions.

Policy-Based Management condition

A Boolean expression that specifies a set of allowed states of a Policy-Based Management managed target with regard to a management facet.

Policy-Based Management policy

A Policy-Based Management condition and the expected behavior, for example, evaluation mode, target filters, and schedule. A policy can contain only one condition. Policies can be enabled or disabled.


1) Create New Condition



2)Create New Policy



3)Enable Policy


Now try to create any table in any database if you start table by tbl creation will work otherwise creation will through exception


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